Tonight I am celebrating good news! I have just been offered a new job in Northampton (my new residence) which takes away the pain of the commute to London and also means my super secret surprise is well on its way (the announcement of which I’m sure is looming, but please, stay tuned!)

My last day in my current role is 14th February, and I start my new job (perfectly, perhaps, with a kitchen company) 17th February. I’m very excited!! And with tomorrow being my birthday, this is all shaping up pretty fine. I certainly am feeling positive about 2014 right now!

Good news like this (particularly when received midweek) can only be followed by one great simplicity. HOT WINGS!

We all have our own version. Here’s mine!


  • Chicken Wings (quite essential)
  • Hot chilli powder
  • Jarred chillies
  • Frank’s hot sauce (Louisiana hot sauce would also be DELIGHTFUL!)
  • White sugar


1. Lay out your wings skin side up and stab all over with a fork, then sprinkle with your hot chilli powder

2. Get a few of your jarred chillies out the jar. I LOVE these chillies. They have taken what is already a reasonably spicy chilli and then marinade it with its own kind! Needless to say these are NICE and spicy, but the brine can leave… Well, a briny taste. This is why I smash these up with a couple of teaspoons of sugar.


3. Now get a large saucepan and get it HOT. No oil. Lay your wings in it skin side DOWN. This is going to help you get those skins nice and crispy. Any chilli powder left on your chopping board? Chuck it in!

4. Five minutes later, Flip your wings. Scoop your smushed up sugar chillies onto them, and pour a good sloshing of Franks Hot Sauce. Turn the heat RIGHT down (personally I just turn it off- but I’m dealing with an electric hob and those stay hot forever!). Cover and leave for 15-20 minutes. Those are going to steam up, fill your wings with spicy flavour and make them crazy tender- yet with super crispy skin! Perfect.

5. Serve. Ideal I MEAN IDEAL with a nice serving of homemade wedges and blue cheese dressing! And lots of lager!

Make my cheat’s blue cheese dip! Smush up a slab of Saint Agnur with a splodge of store bought blue cheese dressing. Delicious and sooo easy!

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