The Timeless ‘Bel Cream Maker’

Well I have to say, I’ve had a delightful birthday! I have been spoiled rotten by all my friends and family and fed till I can barely breathe! Dinner with Stephen Wednesday, Colin Thursday, parents Friday, them plus sister and brother in law Saturday and got the grandparents involved today. Not to mention an early birthday dinner with my friends Adele and Charlotte on the 10th! I’m exhausted.

What I loved about today, was not just the food and family, but that I got the opportunity to play with a really cool toy I got for Christmas- The Bel Cream Maker!


Who better to teach me how to use this than my brilliant Grandmother. Every Christmas, my Grandma has cooked up the world’s greatest Christmas pudding based on a recipe founded by her own Grandmother (a recipe, I’m afraid, that is far too secret and special to ever appear on this blog) and to go with this Christmas pudding- homemade cream in The Bel Cream Maker.

These aren’t made anymore, and haven’t been for years. In fact, I once saw one in The London Natural History Museum! But if you want to have a go at this recipe, you shouldn’t struggle to find one second hand on eBay. Just make sure it has all the parts! I managed to bag one once for just 99p… unfortunately it was missing the valve- the most essential component to making your delicious cream.

Slightly different (and superior!) to the instructions included, Grandma Robson instructs…

  • 250g of unsalted butter (may I recommend Lurpak for this)
  • 250 ml of full fat milk (or for a real treat use Guernsey milk!)

What on earth do I do now…

1. In a saucepan, gently heat your milk and butter together. Do not let it boil!

2. Pour your milk/butter mix into the top of your cream maker like so:

3. Pump pump pump!


It was some trial and error for me learning how to use this contraption… My first attempt was delicious, but a bit too thick until I was shown the art of getting the valve JUST right… The looser it is, the thinner the cream! It was lovely getting the lesson from my Grandmother- I had a really wonderful time being her student šŸ™‚


I'm getting it! I'm getting it!
I’m getting it! I’m getting it!


3 thoughts on “The Timeless ‘Bel Cream Maker’

  1. I have 1 of these used to use it all the time. Put it away when I moved and forgot recipe. Someone on a Facebook site googled it as I forgot the name of it. Can start using it now!

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