PINWHEELS! What do YOU put in YOURS?..

Can I call this healthy?


Great! How about if I stick it all in a pastry?..



This week I am on the nice early 7:30am start at work all week. I’m not gunna lie, I don’t do well at these! My Strawberry and Banana Breakfast Scones are working perfectly in making sure I actually have breakfast in the face of earliness, but this week I also don’t want to have to be worrying about making my lunch the night before either… The Pinwheels are the perfect solution! You’ve seen me make these before, but as I excitedly underlined at the time, you can fill them with whatever you want! So THIS time I’m going with Tuna and Spinach Pizza Pinwheels!


  • Tomato Puree
  • Mozzarella cheese
  • Tinned tuna, drained
  • Sliced pepper (I went with red and yellow)
  • “Sunkissed” tomatoes
  • Fresh spinach
  • Puff pastry

Crazy easy! Just, as before,  roll out your pastry, smear with your tomato puree, dazzle with the other ingredients then roll, slice and bake on 190 for 20-30 minutes!

I wish I’d thought to put red onion in too, but then I had a hard enough time rolling this one as it was!! Definitely an ambitious filling here.

Now, GO FORTH AND PINWHEEL! And tell me what goes in yours!

Come here, gorgeous…

2 thoughts on “PINWHEELS! What do YOU put in YOURS?..

  1. I love the idea! Like you, I’m an early bird with a long commute into work. Follow my blog if you’d like to see some other recipes that are quick and easy. Planning on posting a new recipe this week 🙂 Cheers! Caitlin

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