I know I know, I’ve been a TERRIBLE blogger lately, but there has been so much going on that I think a break has been perfectly acceptable! The most important thing to happen in the last month and a bit, of course, would be the marriage between my sister Hana and her long-term partner Iain.

Thursday 8th May we had a wedding rehearsal at the church. Surprisingly emotional for Wendy Evans (mother of the Groom) and I! But we got through it, and Wendy and husband Dave had us all round to dinner afterwards to celebrate. I don’t know if I’ve mentioned before, that Iain’s father Dave is a chef? Well he is, and an insanely talented and modest one at that! He cooked us up a good ol’ classic- Pulled Pork Buns!

He made it all- the pulled pork, the buns, the slaw, all from scratch! I’m afraid to say that (for now, at least) this post is a memory, not a recipe. But I hope that sooner or later I will get the recipe from him! I asked him at the time about the pork… Apparently it was a simple as salt, pepper, low and slow! HOW COULD IT BE THAT SIMPLE! It was indescribably delicious!

IMG_2074 IMG_2075

I only wish I’d thought at the time to ask him exactly how he made the buns, but damn it if Wendy didn’t have a talent for keeping your glass full! What a hostess! I have no skill with baking, but these beauties were soft, tasty and visibly flawless. Outstandingly professional!

The Friday night was just me, Hana, Mum and Dad. We went for a family meal at an Italian restaurant just round the corner from the house, then did our best to get an early night. I believe only the Bride succeeded! I was like a kid at Christmas- but I did manage to get 4 hours sleep!

Finally, after 11 years of being crazy about each other, Hana and Iain married on 10 May. It was a perfect day, everyone and everything was flawless and the couple looked particularly beautiful!

A proud day for all the family.
A proud day for all the family.

Come to a weeeeeddiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiing!..

5 thoughts on “FINALLY!!

  1. We all need a break sometimes. Especially when it comes to family. In my opinion, family should always come first. I am glad to see your back to blogging. I enjoy your blog 🙂

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