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I know this shouldn’t technically be a food blog post- the manufacturers did most of the hard work after all. But it was a FINE dinner, and I just had to show it off!

You know what those long Summer weeks are like for those of us working full time and then some. Every day it’s getting hotter and hotter… You love it, but if you’re a Brit like me then you don’t quite have the business wardrobe to keep up with the heat… You work away with a smile on your face but when the day closes and you finally make your way home, the sun isn’t quite there anymore, and even if it is, a great wind has come to keep it company. This evening, however, was different…

This evening the sun was on my side!!

I wore warm suit trousers. I worked myself to the bone. I drove home in terrible traffic. But about half way home I noticed something… It’s still getting warmer… There’s no wind… And I’m hungry. That moment I knew…


And what did I have on this barbeque?

  • Herefordshire Beef Burgers
  • Pork, Chilli and Mango Sausages
  • A heat proof dish with garlic, onions and chillies frying inside

And when they were all cooked? They went in a big, soft CHEESEY bun. On the bottom bun I spread garlic mayo and this stunning Banana Ketchup my sister and brother-in-law brought back for me from their honeymoon in St Lucia. Top bun got a good sloshing of habanero sauce. With the sausages sat comfortably at the bottom of the stack, a-top the beef burger I placed the onions and chillies and melted mature chedder on top. Oh and there was more cheese between the sausages and the burger. You know what, let me just break it down for you.

Top Bun
Habanero Sauce
Melty Cheese
Onion/Chilli Good Time
Herefordshire Beef Burger
Pork, Chilli and Mango Sausage x 2
Rocket Lettuce
Kindly gifted Banana Ketchup and Garlic Mayo
Bottom Bun

photo 2

The result? A VERY chilled out worker bee…

Tasty barbeque to boast of?? Tell me, why dontcha!

3 thoughts on “I. LOVE. BARBEQUES.

  1. Id like to feature this in my next book ’20 minute meals for busy worker bees’ – inbox me

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