The Foods of London!


A few of weeks ago, I paid a visit to London to catch up with friends, celebrate the aforementioned exciting news, and celebrate a birthday.

I had forgotten all the fantastic foodie delights that are to be found in this marvellous city!

My first stop was with the marvellous Colin Moore. We indulged in the infamous South Bank food market where we found this beauty:




“Wow” does not quite cover it. I’m confident I could devour 8 of these bad boys in a row if I was given the opportunity.
In London this Saturday? GET ONE.

After copious amount of gin out on the sunny Southbank




It was high time to stagger to Josh and Stephen’s house!

Allow me to state this now as a scientific fact:




And he makes these kickass ribs to slather it on.

Someday, I hope to succeed in beating the recipe out of him. In the meantime, please feel free to invite yourself to his house to try some. He can be contacted directly on

After many ribs, many beers and many laughs, the night inevitably erupted into the Joshua and Stephen Spectacular.
photo 5 (2)photo
photo 2 (1)
Therefore, I was rather worse for wear for Scott’s birthday the following day, and keen to find something that would help me bounce back.

Contrary to the vegetable show I had convinced myself (and told everyone) we were going to for Scott’s birthday, we actually went to the Lambeth County Fair- live music, lots of animals, fashion-accessories a-plenty. And a fake cow.

photo 5 (1)photo 310599518_10152646178822079_5243066316727144027_n

and, of course, a world of food.
photo 1photo 2
French and Grace provided me with this tasty little hangover cure- tender lamb kofta, pomegranate, spicy things. Mm. Just right.

After the fun of the fair, we headed to Scott and Simon’s house for a birthday barbeque, however the weather had other ideas. Simon’s innovative cooking skills will not be hindered however, and we were all given a feast of kebabs, homemade slaw, a fancy looking cake and various other nibbles. I completely forgot to take photos, however I’m pleased/intimidated to say Simon has since started a food blog of his own, so you can get a taste for his mad skills by clicking on this screen grab here:

After making the mistake of trusting a London bus to get me anywhere on schedule, my weekend was concluded. As excited as I am for my travels, this wonderfully delicious and fun-filled weekend reminded me how much I love London. If and when I return to England, I would not be surprised if I chose to live there again!

Thank you wonderful friends, chefs and gin producers for another marvellous weekend!

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