If you think an inability to use the internet is a good enough excuse not to read my blog, you can think again.

 Yesterday I visited my Grandma at her home to give her a book I had made for her.


It’s a collection of all the posts on the blog over 2014!

Now, obviously I didn’t give it to her for the recipes, she requires no help there! But I’m going to miss her dearly while I’m away, and I simply wanted to share my own memories with her, and give her the opportunity to reminisce on the memories we made together, as I like to do from time to time.


She just loved it! She said she’s going to ration it while I’m gone and then reading it will make it feel as though I’m still there 🙂

We agreed it’s to become an annual gift 😉

She must have been pleased, because after that she treated my Grandad and I to a steak dinner!




Another great evening with two people I love very much.

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