Flying To India

22:23 26 Feb (UK or possibly Europe somewhere)


Take of was a little delayed,  i think due to an unwell passenger,  but now we’re in the air,  my comfies are on, and all is running smoothly. Amazed by the fold out tables and personal TVs and even more amazed by the film selections,  including Gone Girl and American Hustle… But how can i resist some like it hot?


Now where’s that gin and tonic…

I have just been told there’s no gin on this plane.

Vodka, whiskey, wine or beer.

…I have beer.

Just been served dinner.

I was offered a choice of chicken or paneer curry and when I said chicken I was asked how spicy I would like it.


This is definitely the best airline I’ve ever flown with in my life.

Dessert was this…


Never seen it before in my life.

The label says Badam Halwa, and when I asked about it, it was explained to me that it’s made from milk.

The texture is like… Well, curdled milk. But the flavour is creamy, sweet, zesty and mildly coconutty so I’m going back for more! Oh, I just discovered an almond or two!

The staff here are so lovely and patient with how new I am too all this. They seem quite endeared actually 🙂

05:52 (11:22 Delhi)
Just landed! Managed to get a couple hours sleep but pretty tired. Now to find my way out the airport!


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