Delhi Day Out

01 March 2015


Yesterday was a beautiful and educational day, in more ways than one!


We were collected by our tour guide and headed out on to one of the many lanes on these wild roads, stopping first at the Gurudwara Bangla Sikh temple, to learn about India’s youngest religion.



To go inside meant our feet must be bare and our heads must be covered.


Inside was beautiful, a symphony of white and gold. It is not considered respectful to take pictures inside the temple, but it’s not a sight I will soon forget.

We then explored the temple grounds, including the hold fountain where we joined in bathing our feet.


My toes are truly blessed, and made a few fishy friends too!

The next stop was somewhere I’ve been very interested to visit, the Ghandi memorial gardens.




Once again, shoes were removed while we stood in the exact area where Mahatma Gandhi was cremated. This now has a large, black stone of mourning, with a flame that must never stop burning. The area is also decorated with flowers, and an incense stick welcomes you to stand at the foot of the stone.


It was incredibly moving to witness how much, to this day, the people of India love this man and the great care and dedication that is taken with his memory.

Once we left the grounds we started to head back to the bus and happened to stumble across this impressive form of busking:



Incredible! Take that, London Underground!

We then paid a quick visit to India Gate, which was built in memory of the Indian Soldiers who lost their lives in the First World War.



Before stopping for some lunch


I ordered a mutton lal maas… It was tasty, but not spicy! I’m very keen to try some true India spice soon!


Bellies full, we got back on the road, drove by The President’s Palace and made a quick stop to view the Lotus Temple.


And, after a bit of shopping, our busy day was concluded.

So right now, we’re on the road in fantastic rain from Delhi to Jaipur!


Here, we’ll be doing some volunteer work which will entail helping at a school in the Jaipur Elephant Village! Very much looking forward to this!

On a final note, we just stopped for lunch where I had my winner meal so far:


With the most unexotic name ever… Onion Potato.


See you in Jaipur!

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