Flowers and Waterfalls

15 March 2015

 As though yesterdays mountain climb hadn’t been enough exercise, today we walked to see the Bhagsu Nag Waterfall here in McLeod Ganj. This is formed from all the snow at the top of the mountain melting downwards. There are also pipes in place, laid out by the locals, which lead to tap at various points in Bhagsu village, creating a free and communal water service!

It was only a 15 minute walk, but all up hill!

Once we got there… I have to say, it wasn’t exactly a wow of a waterfall, but it did make for a fun photo op.



I’m Ariel!!

 We’re now on our way back to our accommodation in Palampur. During yesterdays treck, I was shown a flower growing on trees in the mountains that is indigenous to this State and only bloom from January to March. It’s called the Rhododendron. They’re edible, and our guide explained to me that the locals use them for two things. The first, making a jam that is bought and sold here. The other for making a spicy chutney. “Where can I buy the chutney?” I asked. “You can’t” I was told, “it’s only made in the homes of local people. Perhaps if you take some back with you the Palampur, someone working in the hostel can help you?”

A brilliant idea! So, I’m now clutching a bag bursting with Rhododendron, ready to try my luck in Palampur, and crossing my fingers that I might just get the opportunity to try something completely different…

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