14 March 2015


Today, I achieved something I don’t think I will ever stop being proud of.

I climbed the Bhagsu Nag Mountain to the Triund peak!


2875m above sea level!


It started off fairly reasonable, just a steep trek for the first few miles.







Then the snow started to show itself…



We had been warned in advance that we’d just happened to choose the one week in the year where the snow is at its most treacherous, reaching 3ft in depth (information that may have been useful upon booking). I’d dismissed this as playful exaggeration, but it quickly became apparent that we were in dangerous conditions. With no protective equipment of any kind, this was a thrill like no other, but also extremely challenging. Step wrong and you’re lucky, you’re up to your waist in snow. Step wrong and you’re unlucky… You suddenly and rapidly start to slide down, so you better start digging and grabbing quick!






We were in no way equipped or prepared for this… Some became quite emotional. Others stopped halfway, unable to go on.

But when I finally reached the top, it was very clearly worth every step. I drank in that beautiful view with pride!


And that beautiful hot chocolate with worthiness!



After a few hours of wobbling our way back down, I’m now tucked up in bed in our temporary accommodation in Bhagsu of Mcleod Ganj, belly full of well-earned spicy chicken curry!

Something tells me I’ll sleep well tonight…

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