The Sleeper Train to Palampur

12 March 2015

After a good 24 hours of travelling Agra to Delhi, Delhi to Amb Andaura, and Amb Andaura to Palampur, we have finally arrived at our accommodation!

Last night, at 11:50, was not only my first experience of being on a train in India, but my first experience being on a sleeper train! I thought it was great fun! Each wall had two or three beds that could fold out of it for your rest. There wasn’t really anywhere to put your bags other than underneath the bottom seat, so I opted for top bunk and kept mine at my feet, while the movement of the train gently rocked me to sleep like a giant baby.



Some enjoyed it more than others.


I woke up about 8:00 to the crisp smell of clean mountain air, and stuck my head out the door (which was broken and wouldn’t close) to greet the region of Himachal Pradesh!


Once we arrived at the train station, we boarded our bus to make the 4 hour journey to Palampur. This would’ve been a great time to get a little more sleep, but I could as these incredible mountain views were getting more and more impressive with each mile!


Now in my accommodation, I can also tell you that these views also exist from my own bedroom window, however these guys are stealing the show…




Very cute.

What a place…


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