Today, I taught a little girl to spell her name

Monday 23 March


And she lit up like a star for it!

This really is a fascinating volunteer project. Our classroom consists only of a small little hut on the beach. There’s no electric, so no fan, no air conditioning which in 32c heat makes things VERY challenging!


But I feel both my work and my presence are welcome here, and I do feel I’m helping these kids. I just wish I could stay here helping for longer! 4 days seems a bit rubbish!


The classroom hut is surrounded by the homes of the families, which are very small and built from driftwood and dead tree branches.

After class, one family invited us to their home, where we had a conversation via a translator. What an incredible story they had! They both had relocated to Goa recently from slums elsewhere, to try and create a better income and better life for their children, by selling fish caught by the father. They said they still weren’t happy in their life, and who could blame them, but every day they will keeping thinking and thinking, thinking of new ways to improve their life. Their dream, they said, is that their son, who is now four, will be able to go to school when he turns six, and get a good job in the future.


I really do hope for them.

On another note, today also had a celebration attached to it.


Diana turned 22!


I hope you’re muito muito feliz!

4 thoughts on “Today, I taught a little girl to spell her name

    1. Thank you for saying so, but it’s hard to know when to begin in the areas… You can’t do enough! I implore you to get out here and join in, while it can be emotional and hard at times, it’s also a lot of fun and very rewarding! You’ll love it!

      1. Would love to do some work during my summer holiday. Even if its only for a few weeks i guess it will definitely be worth it!

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