The Flight to South Africa

Monday 30th March

After leaving the lovely Coconut Creek hotel, I arrived at Goa Airport with plenty of time until my flight… This is one boring airport! I would suggest cutting it fine rather than leaving time for flights from here, lest you die of boredom.

This flight was my first experience of dealing with flight changes in order to reach my destination. I had no shame in hiding my inexperience in this area, and continuously act officials for information in a step by step manner! So, as instructed, when I arrived at Mumbai Airport I headed for the International Transfers section


Here, I presented my ticket and passport, and was assured once again that my luggage was being transferred to my flight and that I didn’t need to worry about collecting it. I then boarded a bus to take me to the Departures section of the airport. It took so long, I started to worry at one point that I wasn’t on an airport bus at all and was perhaps heading to some hotel somewhere! I mean, no airport is this big… But then I discovered…



…Mumbai Airport is pretty damn big!

As if I wasn’t already awed by the almighty size of the place, the departure lounge was incredible! Effectively the size of a shopping mall, with a variety of shops and restaurants and lots of long plushy chairs for those of us on long haul flights… I of course seized the opportunity for a little snooze, and after boarding my 1:00 flight, snoozed a little more!

I woke up just in time to arrive in Johannesburg airport, where I was whisked away to my airport hotel by the shuttle.

After a further snooze, I made a very important discovery.




Which, following a month of rice and dahl, tasted absolutely heavenly.

And for dinner? A fine South African feast!




(I went with the ostrich sausage).

The next morning, I sprung from the bed, ready for my adventure in Port Elizabeth to begin! I arrived at the airport, bubbling over with excitement to take my final flight of this journey, and begin a work experience like no other.

Finally, I have arrived at Kwantu Nature reserve. I can hear lions roaring and purring from my bedroom! Bring on tomorrow!


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