Kwantu: Day One

31st March 2015


What a start!

The day began with being introduced to the place where we’ll be working; Kwantu Game Reserve, and the animals who live here.

First the schedule:

7:30 – Morning work begins

9:30 – Breakfast

10:00 – Morning work continues

13:00 – Lunch

14:00 – Afternoon work

18:00 – Dinner

And then we met the residents!


A small family of Ostriches, who were once greater in number and lived on the main safari, before the lions got a tad carried away with their love of food and sport. They’re now here, at least for the time being.


Barry the Blind Wildebeest, who was retrieved from the Safari to be cared for here when he was found wondering around lost


This beautiful parrot, who sadly I think is nothing more than an attraction for Kwantu’s hotel guests as much as anything else. She’s very bitchy and angry, and who can blame her with such restrictions?


And this delightful little bugger! The only meerkat on this reserve, who is both heartbreakingly and endearingly tame around humans.

Next came a real adventure! We learned that the Giraffes had escaped from their own enclosure into that of the Elephants, so needed coaxing back in. We embarked on a great hike through the elephant reserve in scorching 30 degree heat. We’d been walking through the beautiful trees, over the great rocks and around shimmering lakes for almost two hours before finally finding where they were, and then… A chaotic failure! Using our voices at distance, we encouraged them into the direction of their own enclosure, however in the end there were perhaps too many cooks spoiling the soup as at the last moment a separate group accidentally sent them back again and that was that! We were trying to show them the way without any use of walkie talkies or other equipment Kwantu owns that may have proved useful so… I have suggested such items be considered for the next attempt!

But, at least I saw this cool bug!


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