Dawn Drive

8 April 2015

Omygoodness, what a day!


This morning we were taken on a Dawn Drive, where we saw an extraordinary display of nature, wherein the lions hunted the hippo!

They came so close, and it was a tense display. One managed to grip herself to it at one point, but the hippo just kept running and she was forced to let go.


Finally, he was safe in the water, but the persistent lions did sit in circulation of him for some time before they eventually gave up.

I also caught the majestic zebra taking a slurp.



Absolutely beautiful.

Upon returning to came, we found we had been greeted by a visitor.


Kwantu’s resident meerkat had left her enclosure and come for a cuddle!


She’s been named by Sofia, another Nature Guide student, as Talula… And it seems it’s stuck very comfortably with her!

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