What is happiness?

16 April 2015

Today and yesterday, as part of our Nature Guide course, we were sent on a South African First Aid Training course.

It was interesting for me, in that it was more or less identical to the St John’s Ambulance First Aid course I did in London a few years ago but with one exciting addition… Snake bites!

It also covered when not to perform CPR, which you may think is obvious but I suppose you should never assume. Such scenarios included when a person has been decapitated, or has clearly been dead for a long time eg. 2 weeks…

Anyway, I’m pleased to report we all passed with flying colours!

But more importantly, we made a fabulous restaurant discovery!

Portuguese restaurant Cubata had been recommended to me by a few PE locals, so once I learned we were going to be here in PE on Wednesday night I just had to convinced my fellow students to we go there, and thank god they agreed or we may not yet know what happiness is! The answer to that question, I can confidently confirm once and for all, is Cubata. HAPPINESS. IS. CUBATA.


Cubata have three main things on their menu; ribs, prawns and chicken. This is because they specialise in them and boy do they! We shared a kilogram of barbeque ribs and half a peri peri chicken and were still begging for more! These are the best ribs I have ever had in my life, and believe me I’ve had a fair few!


Not only are the cooked to total perfection- tenderly dropping from the bone yet with subtle caramalisation on the outside- but the sauce they are slathered with is enough to make you scream! I would give my left leg for the recipe, or have the pleasure of eating it every day!

Even when we were truly defeated…


I have to admit that, deep down, I still wanted more.

To make the experience even greater, at the end of the meal when the bill came it was 340R. This is roughly £20. So, about £5 each. Incredibly good!!

Part of what keeps this place such good value for money is it doesn’t have a liquor licence so it’s BYOB, with a strong encouragement to enjoy your evening!

The waiter and owner Jose appreciated the beers we left him alongside a tip, and wasn’t afraid to show it with a firm and friendly cuddle!

Definitely… DEFINITELY coming back here soon!

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