Back to Kwantu

04 May 2015



While we appear deceptively happy in this picture, we’re actually both gutted to be leaving the marvellous Cape Town and returning to Kwantu.

This morning we attempted another adventure, as Sofia had been pretty keen to get to Simon’s Town to see the famous Beach Penguins. Seeing how I had achieved my dream of “setting the table” that is Table Mountain, it seemed only right we bend over backwards for this one!

So, we’d arranged a taxi for 6:00am to take us to the train station, hurried out of bed at 6:05am and clambered into the taxi by 6:10am. The incredibly patient driver, who enquired where we were getting the train to at this hour, very kindly informed us that this particular attraction isn’t opened to the public until 9am. With our flight back to Port Elizabeth being at 13:00, it was immediately apparent that this excursion wasn’t possible… Which is just as well, as I’m fairly sure Sofia was still drunk from the night before. So, we turned the taxi around and returned ourselves to bed.

Never mind. At least now we have an excuse to come back.

Like we need one…

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