Cape Town Day 1: Juicy Burgers, Table Mountain and Meringue

01 May 2015

After our 12 hour overnight bus journey, Sofia and I finally arrived at Cape Town bus station at roughly 8:00 this morning! We opted for walking to our Ashanti Lodge hostel (where we were meeting Lena and Tilly) and although it took us a good 30 minutes to hobble and shuffle our way there, our surroundings made it all worthwhile. A beautiful Garden greets you to the right of Government Street and takes up around 10 minutes of the walk. You look on in awe at a variety of trees of a variety of ages while squirrels dance around your feet!

After we arrived at the hostel and were greeted by our friends, we all agreed the best thing to do was to go to breakfast. Immediately.


Tilly introduced us to a simple but lovely restaurant/café called Knead- like what you do to the bread- so named but all their baked goods are made there and then on site. A wonderful touch!

My body clock was a little thrown off by the journey, so I opted for a super flavoursome, juicilicious Spicy Bacon and Blue Cheese burger!


Following breakfast, Sofia and I were keen to climb Table Mountain! We stopped by the hostel first for a quick change of clothes…

…Perhaps predictably, Sofia and I both accidentally fell asleep.

Two hours later though, the four of us were stood at the bottom of Table Mountain, ready to climb!

I don’t know who of you might share this, but since hearing of Table Mountain I’ve had a dream of climbing to the top and “setting the table”, as it were. So for this purpose, I packed in my bad a plate, a set of cutlery, a drink, a cup for the drink and (foolishly, of all the things to intend to climb a mountain with and not squash) a miniature Lemon Meringue Pie.











But what do you know…


My dream was achieved!




And to make things perfect, it was absolutely delicious!


After clearing the table, I continued with taking in the incredible views of Cape Town that Table Mountain has to offer



We took the Cable Car back down… Just in time for sunset!



Once back at the hostel, the plan was to rest our weary legs for a while, before heading out for a few drinks! Tilly and I went to the hostel bar for a few drinks while we waited for Lena and Sofia to get ready… But they both accidentally fell asleep…

It just so happened, this worked out fine! The hostel bar was great fun, Sofia resurrected herself and joined us about an hour later, and I got introduced to my first game of Beer Pong!


I wasn’t very good…

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