Judgement Day is upon us…

21 May 2015

I can’t believe it’s here, but here it is! The examiner for the FGASA has arrived, to conclude whether or not we Nature Guide students are up to scratch!

Today, Sofia and Nina had their practical exams. I got to ride along, and can frankly say it’s no surprise that the two of them passed- they both did a great job and gave very interesting Game Drives!



The two of them are covered in Plumbegos in the picture, a sticky bluey purple flower traditional thrown on people in congratulations. Paul and I took the liberty of picking and sticking.

Tomorrow, I have my practical exam, a Dawn Drive, followed at 14:00 by my theory. I feel ok about the practical, but certainly not for the theory! I’d of preferred to spend more time studying for that than I’ve been spending on Game Drive practise/observation but… There we are. I suppose all I can do now is try for a good night’s sleep, and wait and see what cards I’m dealt.


Finger’s crossed!

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