Kittens and Bookworms

15 May 2015

As threatened, I spent last weekend here at Kwantu in order to prepare for my approaching Nature Guide exam, and intend to do the same this weekend! Luckily, the other students have chosen to do the same so there is company, but what helps even more are our newest residents:



Despite their complete lack of a knowledge of boundaries, their cuteness is very welcome and works well as an excuse to have plenty of breaks from excessive studying.


We also began practising leading Game Drives in preparation for our practical exam and yesterday were lucky enough to catch this guy


Amazingly, he’s stood there chewing on an animal bone! Despite being herbivores, giraffes do this from time to time in order to restore calcium levels. Which is extremely clever.

In other news, a little treat arrived for me!





Crisps, chocolates and drugs… What more could a girl need!

Thanks Mum and Dad! Always thinking.

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