Lauren and Sofia’s Grand Day Out

30 April 2015

Today was a very exciting day indeed! The day of the night that we travel to Cape Town!


As our bus was not due to leave until 21:30, selected with the intention to sleep more or less the entire journey, Sofia and I decided it wise to fill the day with lots of eating and walking around- the best way to get sleepy. What better place for this than Port Elizabeth’s Green Acres Mall!

We began with a very hearty lunch at Mugg & Bean, a lovely Restaurant/Café chaining starting up here. They provided us with delicious iced teas and coffees




And a hefty selection of food. In the end, we went for a Spicy Pulled Pork sandwich for me


A Cajun Chicken and Bacon baguette for Sofia


And a Mexican Platter to share!


Bloody super!


Despite the struggle to get through it all, we still powered through to hot chocolate


Before finally paying and wobbling out of there to wonder round a few shops.

After a good look around sports shops, home shops and laughing off the bizarre experience of a 6 year old suddenly stroking my arms before attempting to steal my water and finally running away, we stopped for a well-earned break in another café, to recharge both ourselves and our phones. Here I enjoyed a very refreshing Strawberry and Pineapple Smoothie! A welcome treat, as smoothies have been rather hard to find here!



 Finally, according to our cooked up schedule, it was time to leave Green Acres and go for dinner. I would hope, by now, it will come as no surprise where we went for this meal.




The Dream Prawns, Outrageous Ribs and Super Fries worked well alongside a couple of beers to ensure we were beginning to get very sleepy. It all timed together perfectly, and we got to the bus station without a rush by 21:00 on the dot…

…Only to find our bus was running an hour behind schedule.

Finally though, the bus arrived!


…And stood stationery for 45 minutes in the Bus Station after we boarded.

Finally, the bus got on its way!


…And stopped 5 minutes later (no joke, no exaggeration) so people could get out and stretch their legs if needed.

Finally though (and I mean it this time) we’re on our way. The bus, for this time of night, is surprisingly crowded, and we’ve been blessed with a screaming child two rows behind us… But between our headphones and our Kalms sleeping tablets, and particularly after this grand day out, we should be ok. Sofia appears to have dozed off, and I hope to be on my way soon enough.

See you in Cape Town!

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