Monkey Business

17 May 2015

With one week to go, I’m pretty excited to leave Kwantu and getting going to Zambia- particularly after receiving communication about the kind of charity work I’ll be doing there and what I can expect from the itinerary!

It occurred to me that, over the two months I’ve been here, I’ve probably obtained a lot of things not all of which need to stay with me. So I used this morning as an opportunity to have a “practise pack”.


Ah. Where to begin.

Luckily, Sofia came to the rescue halfway through this quest (which, I’m pleased to say, found success in the end) with an outrageously delicious sandwich of ham, tomato and lettuce, secured in perfect harmony with melted cheese, lightly spiced and with a smoked garlic and rosemary olive oil drizzle…


Sofia bought these ingredients yesterday and has been excited every moment since about the prospect of a week of making herself tasty sandwiches!

All I can say is, thank goodness she got one out of it, because less than an hour later a monkey broke in and stole her precious bread!!

I couldn’t believe my eyes as she went to the extent of chasing him down the road in an attempt to get it back! But then… It was a very tasty sandwich…

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