The Flight to Zambia

Monday 25 May 2015

Having had a tremendously exhausting weekend and only 4 hours sleep, this has to be the sleepiest I have ever been at the start of travelling. I don’t even remember checking in!

I do remember Gary, the lovely helpful taxi driver, walking into the airport with me without prompt and showing me exactly where I needed to go for what, and even recommending I go upstairs to the Whimpey’s for breakfast before going through security where I can watch the planes on the runway from the window. A fine idea, which I absolutely went along with!


I treated myself to a little Cappuccino Muffin and a Chocolate Milk here, only to have the common sense click that the airport had only just opened when I arrived, and my flight would be the first to leave. Therefore, there was nothing of interest happening on the runway at this time.

Once crossing through security, I immediately regretted my decision to go to Whimpey’s for seeing a Mugg and Bean café here in departures! Oh, Mugg and Bean! This might just be my last time to have you, and I’ve wasted it!

The aforementioned exhaustion really caught up with me once I got on the plane, I saw just two things; the runway at Port Elizabeth, and the runway at Johannesburg.

As I made my way through the comparatively enormous Johannesburg airport to the correct security gate, I spotted something truly wonderful. Another Mugg and Bean! With 3 hours until my departing flight, I took no hesitation in treating myself to a cappuccino and their Creamy Avo Eggs Benedict- essentially poached eggs, mushroom, tomato and mashed avocado.




With a pootle at a few shops along the way, I made my way to my departure gate and sat patiently, trying not to fall asleep again.


Once on the plane, we were all handed the slips of paper to be filled out and be handed in at customs when we arrived…


I wasn’t exactly sure what my address was going to be, so I just put ‘Mwandi Village’. It seemed good enough!

Finally, FINALLY, I was in Zambia!



I was not selected for a random Ebola screening, and good thing too as the queue for passports and visas took long enough! Finally, I was seen and arranged my Double Entry Visa with no fuss! They prefer payment in US Dollars, but South African Currency Exchange refuse to give you any currency for a country you don’t have a ticket to! Luckily, the Zambian Customs team we kind enough to accept my Rand in place of US Dollars.

On the other side, I had a mini bus for Jolly Boys hostel waiting for me and finally, once a few other guests landed, we made our way to our accommodation. Which is pretty lovely as hostels go!



After a little rest in the sun and a much needed shower, I rounded up my new found super temporary roommates to try a restaurant I had seen a notice for! Fez Hut’s Steak Broil and Grill! A none too imaginative name but… Lovely food!

We shared a plate of nachos to start, which were AMAZING, I know that’s a bit much to say about nachos but… AMAZING!!!!!! They weren’t like what we call nachos in the UK, but something much naughtier… I don’t know exactly but… The chips were almost like… Deep fried puff pastry?



I followed this up with a fillet steak cooked medium rare, stuffed with bacon and mushroom, and topped with a creamy port sauce.


AND I made a new beer discovery!


Mosi, a traditional Zambian beer. Delicious, refreshing and very smooth indeed!

Finally though, I can stay awake no longer! It’s only 20:00, but I’m ready for a giant sleep!

Tomorrow, Paula from the Homes for Aids Orphans charity will come to collect me to take me to work in Mwandi and my adventure will really begin. I can’t wait!

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