Famous Fish and My New Name

Saturday 30th May

Today was great, not least because I managed to recruit some assistance for my morning of mudding!





But also because, after lunch, I decided to venture out to the Big Tree and try one of these Mwandi fish everyone’s so excited about!



It was very tasty, although very bony!


But it went down very smooth with something spicy, and made me think about a scotch-bonnet fish recipe I saw in a Jamaican cook book once. One to try soon, I think!

Later that evening, after dinner and a few ciders more, I managed to twist Matt’s arm into taking me to the local pub!

In so many ways, it’s not like the pub you may know in the UK! First, there’s the music! Pop hits, both Zambian and English, blast out at top volume! Inside the building is pretty simple, a very small room with a man and a fridge in it. It’s not really designed to be the area you’d stay in, as the main action is outside with the pool table!



Finally, had I gone to a pub like this back home, a point would have come where I’d have to tolerate some letchy old fart getting a bit too close and who has no clue on the appropriate way to talk to people. But this was at no point the case here! Everyone was extremely friendly, genuine and each person (myself included) was spoken to as an equal at all times!

I had a great evening, and even walked away with a new Slozi name, instead of that silly old English name of Lauren.

From this point, in Mwandi, I am known as Namacow.

When I sneaked back into my camp, Ketchup the guard dog came belting at me, and for a brief moment I feared the worse! Until he simply proceeded to cover me in kisses and follow me to my room, letting himself inside before I had a moment’s thought to stop him!


Big sloppy softy. Who could resist!

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