Take me to Church

Sunday 31st May

 I’ve had limited church experience, but today’s by far took the prize as the best church experience ever!

The Village Chief of Mwandi requests that volunteers attend at least one church service whilst in Mwandi, and dress appropriately for the occasion. In other words, where a traditional wrap around skirt for the occasion. I feel I found the perfect one for me, and at only 40 Kwacha!


The service was rather long, but so much fun! Zambian Gospel really is something else! The enthusiasm of the people truly cannot be denied, and the atmosphere was as welcoming as ever!



Various choirs attended and sang, but if anyone within the congregation felt particularly moved by the singing, they would get to their feet, yip and yelp and sing along as loudly as their voices would carry! And if they didn’t know the words? “LA LA LA LA LA” would do nicely!

It’s hard to reflect such excitement in a couple of candid photos, however I was successful in taking a few recordings (after being reassured by Paula that this was perfectly fine). So at least I can share those with the family when I’m back!

Once the service concluded, I went back into town to do a little shopping.




I spotted this place


And noticed they were selling pots and pans just like the ones used by our cooks, Mary and Berry, back at camp!


I thought, knowing myself as sentimental as I am, it would be so nice to have one to cook with at home, and remember Mwandi each time I do! So I treated myself. Why not!

I also bought a few of these beans


These are traditional for Zambian dinners, so I thought I could try my luck and see if I could get Mary or Berry to teach me how to cook them the traditional Zambian way!


And, I’m also posting the pot back with some beans… Just to get the family involved in what I’ve been sampling!

When I got back, Matt and Dan had returned from a grocery shopping trip to Namibia where they had succeeded in picture up a little treat for me…

Back in South Africa, I bought myself these lovely small hand-carved wooden goblets, which I chose to keep with me rather than post back right away, as I felt they would find a divine purpose later on my trip…


And thanks to this lovely bottle of Amarula, they certainly did!


All in all… This was a perfect Sunday.

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