The Victoria Falls

Friday 29 May

In spite of a terrible night’s sleep, today was a great day!

Every Friday, Paula needs to go to a Rotary International meeting in Livingstone. On top of this, there’s been a few flat tires recently so Dan and Matt also had to go in Livingstone in the only remaining truck to buy spares. So this meant there was no work for me today as there was no vehicle free to drive the equipment around. But what I could do was take advantage of the spare seat in the truck going to Livingstone, in order that I could use this as an opportunity to see The Victoria Falls!

I got dropped at The Jolly Boy’s Hostel, where I’d stayed before, as I had noticed they do a free minibus to The Falls for guests in the hostel, which I managed to sneak onto successfully with no questions asked! Also on board were three others; Lewis from Essex, Caroline from Germany and Denise from Ireland. Once we arrived, Lewis went in solo, but the girls and I stuck together!


Upon purchasing your ticket for entry, it was also suggested you buy an anorak as you will most definitely get wet. I remembered back to when I was 10-years-old, and I was so fortunate to be taken to the Niagra Falls! Secretly, I had wanted to get soaked! To really feel the falls all the way to the bone! But, unfortunately, I was very well looked after and was kindly bought an anorak on entry and very closely monitored so that ever the hood wasn’t removed. Well, not this time, I thought! This time, let’s see what all the soggy fuss is about! And in we glided, with just our shorts and t-shirts for protection.

I could tell you all about it… But I think this is one of those cases where it’s better to let the pictures do the talking!

















After a breath-taking soaking, we also ventured further on to what was called the “Boiling Pot”. Not a Jacuzzi, as I had hoped, but the point below the falls where the two streams of the Zambezi river meet from Zimbabwe and Zambia, creating a permanent whirlpool. Quite the sight, but not something I’d want to be stuck in!







The whole Victoria Falls experience was absolutely beautiful! And people say it’s even more so from the Zimbabwe side!! How is that possible???? I think it must be a lie.

Finally though, I made my way back to the centre of Livingstone where I got a quick Hungry Lion lunch (I swear, fried chicken… It’s an art here) before meeting the others and returning to Mwandi.

A perfect day!

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