La la la la la la la la la, Botswaaanaaaaaaa…

13 June 2015

We set off bright and early and 6am this morning, to ensure we made good time across the Botswana border and got to our first stop, Elephant Sands in Nata.


It really was an exciting this for me, standing the border of Zambia and staring out at the neighbouring borders of Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia! I’d never travelled in such a way before!


We submitted our passports first at the Zambia border, then again when arriving at Botswana, where we also had to disinfect our feet, in an effort to prevent the spread of foot-in-mouth.


Thankfully, none of us had brought along any buffalos or mangos, although that sausage pod was starting to feel very heavy in my bag all of a sudden!


Once border control was done and dusted, we  drove a few minutes into town to buy drinks and snacks from the shop, where I saw a homage to one of mine and my Mum’s most favourite TV shows!


The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency!

Watch it, and you like me will want to come to Botswana!

And so commenced the two hour drive to Elephant Sands!

Only 15 minutes in, we got a clue we were on the right track



And an extra welcome a little later!



Welcome to Botswana!

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