Bath Time!

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Today, we faced another (rather more fun) task required by The Mahouts of the elephant village of Ban Tathit- walking and washing the elephants!


Just after lunch, all the Mahout’s and the elephants met at Mr Lee’s, from where we all walked together to the Surin River where the elephants can play, drink, wash and chomp a number of trees along the way!

Although the Mahouts strictly prohibit riding of the elephants, they themselves do so when it comes to bath time, though only once at the river, and we volunteers were welcomed to do the same!

Well, how could we resist.


Elephants, much like the rest of us, I am sure by nature alone know how to clean themselves. I am sure that this activity is really just another way to appease the volunteers during their time here! But it was great fun and the Elephants, well used to human contact in their life, seemed happy for the interaction! So I was happy too…


Even if mine was a bit naughty…




Still, it made for an excuse for a lovely long swim in what was a luxuriously warm river (albeit one now filled with Elephant poo) so I forgave him his playful nature and rewarded him with plenty of Banana Tree when we got back!

A special day indeed.

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