Coconut Milk

Thursday 25 June 2015

Each day, between volunteering tasks, we have a lovely lunch  that we all help to prepare. As a result, I’ve been learning lots of Thai cooking tips and techniques and here’s a particularly nifty one- making coconut milk!

Like many fools before me, I assumed coconut milk just came from inside a coconut easy peasy no process required… Even though I have seen, for myself, that coconuts actually contain coconut water AND have glugged much of this under the hot Thai sun while chopping down trees and the like! But, here is the step by step guide of what I now know better!


  • A couple of coconuts
  • Boiling Water


Let’s Go Coconuts

1. First you will need one of these things:

Weight is down by sitting on it


And happily grate away the flesh of the coconut!

2. Once you have grated up a sufficient amount


Pop it on a plate and pour about two small bowls of boiling water over it.



3. Now place a sieve over a large pan and proceed to take handfuls of your piping hot watery coconut shavings and squeeze them above the sieve. As the handfuls become drier, press them against the sieve, but take care not to let any pieces sneak their way into the pan!



4. Once all your soggy coconut shavings have made it to the sieve and have been sufficiently squeezed, return them to the plate, at a bit more hot water and repeat the process!



5. You should now have this:


Which is the perfect ingredient to make something delicious, like this:



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