For generations, my family have celebrated, shown love and fixed broken hearts, all through the magic of cooking. Recipes have been passed from my Great-Grandmother, to my Grandmother to my Mother to me. I have learned so much from them, and have also enjoyed sharing and learning great recipes with a number of wonderful friends!

With time, I also learned that different meals carry with them different associations, memories and inspirations. That a certain flavour can always have the power to take you back to an important, special, or even life-altering moment! Now that’s really something

This website documents things I have been taught, things I have created and vows to learn more still each day, with plenty of cheats and tips thrown in along with a few stories and special memories on the way!

I hope my recipes can be a part of some of your special memories, too.

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  1. Hello, I manage my fathers business on Facebook which is Brixworth Pate! I’ve recently been given the job of re-marketing his delicious pate and also updating the Facebook page. I’ve seen your comments on the pate and would love to put your opinion as a quote for our new website! Would this be something you are ok with? Many thanks

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