The Flight to Thailand

Friday 19 June

Well. This has been the longest journey of my life, and I am exhausted.

I arose from my tent in Botswana bright and early at 6:30am this morning, so I could get everything packed down and in the truck, to get ourselves on the road to Zambia by 8:00.

I didn’t sleep great in the night, as a hippo was grunting not too far from my tent… Amazing, but also scary!

And, to add a little extra hardcore-ness to the experience, when I began folding my tent this morning, this guy scurried out!!


He was quickly stomped.

So, of we went back to the border to get the boat back over, away from beautiful Botswana and over to lovely lovely Zambia.


Truly, I am going to miss it here.

At the Border, I said goodbye to the rest of the gang for whom Matt was waiting with the truck, and Paula, Dan and I made our way to Livingstone Airport.

We had an emotional goodbye, particularly Paula and I who I have felt so close to these last few weeks and then off they went to leave me to start one hellish journey…

Wednesday 17th June
13:10 (11:10 UK)
Depart Livingstone, Zambia

Wednesday 17th June
14:55 (12:55 UK)
Arrive Johannesburg, South Africa

Wednesday 17th June
20:00 (18:00 UK)
Depart Johannesburg, South Africa

Thursday 18th June
06:20 (10:20 UK)
Arrive Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Thursday 18th June
08:25 (12:25 UK)
Depart Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Thursday 18th June
13:05 (08:05 UK)
Arrive Mumbai, India

Friday 19th June
01:05 (20:05 18 June UK)
Depart Mumbai, India

Friday 19th June
06:55 (23:55 18 June UK)
Arrive Bangkok, Thailand

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