General Tso’s Chicken


Last month was my Mum’s birthday, and I had planned to do a special meal for her of General Tso’s chicken, but the plan changed after she was lovingly whisked off to London for the weekend by my Dad. I kept quiet on it, vowing to do it for her as a late birthday treat before leaving in February.

The other night she text to tell me she had left a couple of chicken breast quarters out to defrost, which I was to cook for the two of us however I saw fit. Finally, the opportunity to serve up General Tso’s Chicken has arrived!

This was a dish I had never attempted to make before, but after checking out a number of different recipes on the internet I was determined to get it right! My sister and I were quite privileged in our youth to be treated to a number of family holidays to Florida. At some point during the holiday, with out fail, our mum would enjoy a big tasty portion of General Tso’s, be it ordered in or at the food court in the mall! It’s an unheard of dish in England, which means it’s been quite a few years since she had it!

Until now…

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Tonight I am celebrating good news! I have just been offered a new job in Northampton (my new residence) which takes away the pain of the commute to London and also means my super secret surprise is well on its way (the announcement of which I’m sure is looming, but please, stay tuned!)

My last day in my current role is 14th February, and I start my new job (perfectly, perhaps, with a kitchen company) 17th February. I’m very excited!! And with tomorrow being my birthday, this is all shaping up pretty fine. I certainly am feeling positive about 2014 right now!

Good news like this (particularly when received midweek) can only be followed by one great simplicity. HOT WINGS!

We all have our own version. Here’s mine!

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