Swinnerton presents…


Good evening, everyone.

My name is Stephen and I am a long term fan of, and collaborator with the wonderful and talented Lauren.

This January I have embarked upon a ‘dry’ month. This means that I am forsaking alcoholic beverages for 31 whole days, during the most depressing month of the year.

SO. In lieu of my usual evening activity, I have turned to the kitchen.

Now, a few years ago I could not cook a thing. Seriously. Turning the oven on was a bit ‘out there’ for me. A toastie, even, was a complex culinary creation.

However, since living away from home I have developed a love for food and for cooking which I have rediscovered in my sobriety. Lauren and I have often bonded over food (feeder solidarity), and so I was thrilled when she asked me to share a recent recipe on her blog.

The meal I settled on is PERFECT for this time of year; a really simple and slow cook that warms the whole house and leaves you with an amazing alternative to the traditional Sunday roast… Braised ox cheeks with a potato and parsnip gratin.

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Scallop BLT and his vegetarian brother…


Anyone who vaguely knows me knows that mathematics is not exactly my favourite subject. So for me to say that today was my first day of an AAT Accountancy Course should cause significant shock and impress!

To celebrate surviving day one of 33, I made one of my most favourite recipes for dinner- The Scallop BLT. This used to be Josie’s requested starter every birthday, but this year being her first of vegetarianism meant I had to come up with something similar, yet without the pig or fish. Halloumi wrapped in red pepper saw this mission accomplished!

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