Elephant Poo Paper

Friday 26 June 2015

Today, we finally did something I have been very keen to learn more of and participate in!


The making of Thailand’s Elephant Poo Paper!

This is an incredible process that allows the poorer provinces of Thailand to make money through a sustainable process- that of an Elephant passing dung! It helps them to maintain their care of the Elephants and of the dedicated Mahouts. And here’s how they do it!

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Bath Time!

Tuesday 23 June 2015

Today, we faced another (rather more fun) task required by The Mahouts of the elephant village of Ban Tathit- walking and washing the elephants!


Just after lunch, all the Mahout’s and the elephants met at Mr Lee’s, from where we all walked together to the Surin River where the elephants can play, drink, wash and chomp a number of trees along the way!

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