Elephant Sands

14 June 2015


Elephant Sands has been an incredible experience and I would recommend it to ANYONE who wishes to experience the true wildlife of Southern Africa without compromising the animal’s dignity, personal space or safety.

The wonderment began yesterday afternoon, when we arrived to the camp site with water pipe built in an area very VERY highly populated with wild African Elephants!


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The Victoria Falls

Friday 29 May

In spite of a terrible night’s sleep, today was a great day!

Every Friday, Paula needs to go to a Rotary International meeting in Livingstone. On top of this, there’s been a few flat tires recently so Dan and Matt also had to go in Livingstone in the only remaining truck to buy spares. So this meant there was no work for me today as there was no vehicle free to drive the equipment around. But what I could do was take advantage of the spare seat in the truck going to Livingstone, in order that I could use this as an opportunity to see The Victoria Falls!

I got dropped at The Jolly Boy’s Hostel, where I’d stayed before, as I had noticed they do a free minibus to The Falls for guests in the hostel, which I managed to sneak onto successfully with no questions asked! Also on board were three others; Lewis from Essex, Caroline from Germany and Denise from Ireland. Once we arrived, Lewis went in solo, but the girls and I stuck together!


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Best Hike Ever.

22 April 2015

Our exam, it feels like, is looming right around the corner and each of us as students can agree on one thing; we’re not learning squat! The reading-through-a-module-a-day thing isn’t exactly an inspiring way of learning, and the few times I have been out on the game reserve with the Course Leader, he’s made it quite hard to get enthusiastic. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a nice enough guy, but I suppose he sees these animals every day so for him it’s just not exciting. So while the rest of us are trying to take a photo of or observe, say, a Giraffe in the distance, he’s bringing his foot on and off the break in quick succession to shake the car and make it both impossible and uncomfortable. He smiles, so it’s obviously a joke to him, but here’s the problem… I saved and spent money I may never have again and not to mention made a series of sacrifices in order to be here. If he believes, as it sometimes feels, that I can afford to come on these experiences again and again then he would be very much mistaken. This is it, and to be honest it feels like the magic gets sucked out a little more each day. Today, I told him this, and reminded him of the cost and sacrifice from each of us. With any luck, it will sink in.

So, after this general disappointment, when I heard today that Peter the Ranger was conducting a hike in the Wilderness, myself and the other students jumped on board. After all, what better way to learn about nature than to trek through it!

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Feeding Time…

2nd April 2015

Today began as something disgusting, horrendous and just generally upsetting but later grew into something unforgettably special.

This morning we were taken as volunteers to help feed the lions living on the game reserve. The meat is loaded onto a truck, then driven round to where the lions are kept and thrown in. It was good fun! They do love it, and you finally get to see their natural instincts come out!



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The Beauty of Nature, The Tragedy of Man

1st April 2015


Today was another interesting and beautiful day!

It began with a walkthrough of the animals living here in the reserve rather than on the game safari.

This includes a beautiful tiger, who was bought as a pet by a family in India and then surprise surprise got harder to manage as she got older! So Kwantu swooped in for her ownership.






There’s also a gorgeous family of lions, and two stunning cheetahs.

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11 days ago (on the 10th of October) was mine and Josie’s 3rd Anniversary! As a rule we like to keep it simple, so I made breakfast (fruit, yog and fresh croissants) while Josie covered dinner. She took me very much by surprise by treating me to one of the best restaurants in London- The Pitt Cue Co! (No, there’s nothing vegetarian on the menu, yes, she dabbled, but we all do crazy stuff on special occasions and I challenge ANYONE not to cave to their meaty delights!)


Lucky us, we had recently won a charity raffle, the prize being one night for two adults including breakfast and dinner at the beautiful Savill Court Hotel in Windsor! What an absolutely breath taking place- a mile long nature-ridden driveway, jacuzzi, pool, steam, sauna, room service, the works! If anyone wants a treat that’s not too far from our Nation’s capital but far enough to feel like another planet, I STRONGLY recommend staying here!

Room service!

As I’m sure you’ll agree, there is nothing more exhausting than relaxing in a hotel. So when we returned on the evening of the 12th we pretty much went straight to sleep and the following day didn’t care much for cooking. Solution? Hotdogs!

Jamaica Dogs
While I’m yet to have the pleasure of visiting Jamaica, I’m an enormous fan of the traditional flavours used in Jamaican cooking. These hot dogs get all that in the laziest possible way!
photo (25)
When getting my precious lamb sausages from The Ginger Pig at Borough Market, I also bought some Jerk Sausages to try, which was when I originally came up with this recipe. On this morning, however, I learned the hard way that Borough Market isn’t open on a Sunday, so I had to find the closest alternative. If you can, I strongly recommend you just get Jerk Sausages done for you, but this recipe will show you what to do if you don’t have such delights accessible in your area.

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