Delhi Belly has arrived…

10 March 2015

 And it sneaked its way in through the form of a beautiful Tandoori chicken!


Bought from some restaurant in Jaipur where we stopped for lunch after the Amber Fort yesterday.

It’s all the horrible you’d expect it to be! And has arrived just in time for today’s long drive to Agra! Uggh!!!!

Thank goodness I got some fairly effective tablets from the Doctor before leaving England.

Definitely DEFINITELY make sure you do the same before coming to India!

It’s Pringles and water for me these next 24 hours…

The cure for the common cold is closer than you think!

Well I have one doozy of a cold going on here, as (it seems) does most of the UK right now. The cure? Plenty of ginger, chilli and chicken, and whatever healthy veg you can get your hands on! This is the recipe for my cold-curing stir fry. It’s a vague recipe, but I feel terrible so unless you want me to keep moaning, I suggest you get on with it!

Mmmm-mm! It's enough to make you want the cold in the first place!
Mmmm-mm! It’s enough to make you want the cold in the first place!

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