Work Hard, Play Hard

5th April 2015

What a lovely, easy weekend this has been!

Yesterday, a few fellow volunteers went bungee jumping. I gave this a go when I was 19, and as I’m trying to be frugal during my travels, I used this as a good enough excuse not to pay and participate, however I did very much enjoy going along to watch while indulging in a honey mustard steak wrap and a coooool Savanna cider.

After this, we headed straight for our weekend hostel which is based in the heart of Port Elizabeth, about an hour away from Kwantu. We were given a positive introduction to the place by the existing and more PE experienced volunteers, whom we joined for dinner at a restaurant called Something Good. A most accurate name! Just simple, good eating!


The night then escalate into more and more drinks, good jokes, a few dances and further drinks…

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